Why an
intensive course?

Let’s find out.

In 2022 I will give mainly private lessons – beginners welcome –

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After 20+ years of teaching French, I realized that the most efficient way for learning is taking an intensive course. 

The reason is that the strategies used in an intensive course maximize both your concentration and commitment in a very short timeframe. This will motivate you as a student, as you will see immediate results.

In my view, it is essential to combine two hours of my online French lessons with another two hours of studying on your own. By doing so, you will be able to consolidate what we have covered that day and complete your homework. 

My objective is to help you learn French in a shorter time by providing you with deep-rooted knowledge, on which you can build up further competences.


What's in the Course?

The two-hour class includes:

  • Greetings
  • Grammatical key points
  • A few exercises (short translation, missing words, article and questions, audio listening, etc.)
  • Speaking practice
  • A short break!

I will give you some homework after each lesson. The answers to the exercises are available for you, and the next day I will answer your questions in order to clarify any unclear details.

Our intensive course will support you to:

  • Communicate in French in a business context
  • Revisit your French knowledge
  • Learn the basics if you have always wanted to learn French (but never had the time)
  • Practice and increase your existing skills
  • Get to the next level
  • Think in French!

French, the language you love to learn.

Become fluent in French.