About me

Hello! My name is Catherine.

Nice to Meet You!

I was born and raised in Paris, France. My studies are focused on teaching French, which translates into:

  • Studies in French Literature (Maitrise de Lettres Modernes) at Université Paris IV-Sorbonne (Classical studies of Literature and Linguistics).
  • Trained as a French as a Foreign Language Teacher (Maitrise de F.L.E.) at Université Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle.
  • Bachelor in English from Paris III. I also studied Film and Fine Arts.  

I am currently based in The Netherlands and I have been a French teacher for 20 successful years. 

I have been teaching in the U.S. and many other countries, to people of different nationalities. While teaching my students French, I can always adapt to their needs. Additionally, I am an official examiner and trainer of the DELF exam in the Netherlands.


My Method

Teaching French to other people combines my passion for communication and culture. I love studying and analyzing, being up to date, meeting new people and broadening someone else’s horizons both personally and professionally.

Over the years I have developed a well-planned method for teaching French. It is an efficient system, which translate into a fast-learning process, results and motivation for my students.

My goal is to make the learning process personal and enjoyable, thus I carefully choose the class materials. With me as your French teacher, you will become an independent French speaker able to express yourself freely.

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